Art can be very therapeutic and I use it often in my coaching practice. Outside of coaching, I paint as part of my own well-being and have displayed my art in coffee shops and local fairs.

My expression of art I call “energy art” – anything that contains movement, feeling or inspires conversation. Lines and colors flow, merge, take on a life of their own and each person who looks at it, sees something different, making my art just as unique as the person viewing it. All of my work is one-of-a-kind and below is the start of my Fall 2020 Collection. Most are for sale, but I would be happy to create something special just for you too! See additional collections at (I continually update those sites, so just reach out if you’re not seeing a piece on there that you like).

Ask me about my Sample Sale. Often I try new techniques and color blending and while they still look cool, they may not be as perfect as I’d like, so I sell them at 50% off. A few of the below paintings are part of that Sale!